Week 4 Update – SEO, Ads, and Publishing

This is my fourth weekly update in my month-long creation of a podcast. I created a podcast focused upon interviewing people in marketing and operations positions to create a resource for people to gain new knowledge and skills to thrive in those positions. The secondary goal of the podcast is to utilize the knowledge I gain to specifically market the podcast.

In week 3, I had focused on editing, researching SEO concerning podcasts, how to set up a podcast host site, and how to use Canva.

This week I:

This week I focused on finishing up the publication of my podcast and my SEO utilization. I created show notes and episode transcripts to improve the SEO of my podcast after I published it. For the remainder of the week, I focused on typing up a blog post going into detail on SEO and how to use it for podcasts. In addition, I focused on uploading all parts of my project to my website so people can easily follow through my one-month journey into learning about podcasting and marketing.

What I Learned This Week

If you’ve been following along with my project, you’ll know that I originally wanted to record a fifth episode for the podcast and create an email campaign for the podcast. Both, unfortunately, didn’t come to pass. I’m in discussions with three separate people to do episodes with for the podcast, but due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn’t able to record a fifth episode this week. Ultimately I feel that I learned a lot more about scheduling meetings from that experience though. I also went to my parent’s house for this week as well, and I learned a lot from that experience. There’s less than 1 Mbps of internet speed where they live, so I had to learn to make the most out of the time that I did have high-speed internet, alongside the importance of having a mobile hotspot for those kinds of situations. As the podcast continues to grow, I will set up an email newsletter to send to my subscribers, but it wasn’t something I could get to in the final week as I intended. This came down to various factors such as the slow internet speed, running into issues publishing my podcast to big directories, and not having enough subscribers to warrant a newsletter yet. As a whole, this week taught me a lot about becoming a more efficient worker and working in suboptimal conditions.

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